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The Agile Leadership Network was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2005 as the Agile Project Leadership Network. The founders of this organization include many luminaries of the agile community including Jim Highsmith, David Anderson, Mike Cohn, Christopher Avery, Todd Little, Pollyanna Pixton, Doug Decarlo, Donna Fitzgerald, and Lowell Lindstrom.  The Declaration of Interdependence (DOI) was created by this same group to serve as guiding principles to employ Agile and adaptive approaches for linking people, projects and value.  The organization name was changed on May 5, 2011 which removed the word “project” to better reflect our evolving mission.

Mission Statement

The Agile Leadership Network is dedicated to the evolution of leaders at all levels striving to transform teams, organizations and enterprises by applying agile leadership principles and values.

We are an international network of local communities that provides opportunities for leaders in all industries to connect and engage to advance the practice of agile leadership, enabling their organizations to thrive in an ever changing marketplace.

Current Board members

Steve Nunziata, Mike Russell, and LeRoy Vaske are available to serve you and assist your agile leadership journey.  If you have any questions or suggestions, send a note to BoD@agileleadershipnetwork.org.


The Agile Leadership Network Board has established strategic areas to focus efforts on providing programs and services in support of its mission. Key program areas provide educational and networking opportunities to members, build and support local chapters, as well as establish sponsor relationships to support the financial stability of the organization. These are the current small team “workgroups”:

  • Local Chapters
  • Sponsorship
  • Volunteers
  • Social Media

We welcome your participation!

Click here to send your name, contact information and area of interest to our Volunteer Coordinator who will answer any questions and confirm your interest!

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