LeanKit sponsors Speaker Travel Program

Speaker Travel Program
The Agile Leadership Network is dedicated to the evolution of leaders at all levels, striving to transform teams, organizations and enterprises by applying agile leadership principles and values. In partnership with us is a network of local chapters that support our mission and we continue to look for ways to help local chapters thrive and grow.

The Speaker Travel Program enables local chapters to bring “out-of town” expert speakers to their chapter meetings.  Through the generous support of LeanKit, we have received funding to reimburse travel expenses to help defray costs.  We are seeking 2 additional sponsors for this program and details are available here (link to program brochure)

Chapter Leaders who are interested in learning more about how to participate, should visit the Chapter Leaders Page.


Stay tuned and in touch. Send us your ideas on how we can serve you, agile leaders, even better. Email us at info@AgileLeadershipNetwork.org.